The best-kept secrets about ‘healthy living’ (that are actually widely known, but most people ignore)

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When it comes to living a healthy lifestyle, there are a few key factors that come to mind – eating a nutritious diet, getting regular exercise, and getting enough sleep. However, there are also many lesser-known secrets to maintaining good health that are just as important.

In this article, we’ll explore some of the best-kept secrets about healthy living, from the importance of sleep and hydration to the role of the gut microbiome in overall health. By incorporating these lesser-known tips into your daily routine, you can take your health to the next level.

Sleep is just as important as diet and exercise

We often hear about the importance of eating a healthy diet and getting regular exercise, but sleep is just as crucial for our overall health and well-being. The National Sleep Foundation recommends that adults aim for 7-9 hours of sleep per night, but many of us fall short of this goal.

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Lack of sleep can lead to a host of health problems, including weight gain, decreased immune function, and an increased risk of chronic diseases such as diabetes and heart disease. To get the best sleep possible, try to stick to a consistent sleep schedule, create a relaxing bedtime routine, and limit exposure to screens and other sources of blue light before bed.

Hydration is crucial for optimal health

Staying hydrated is essential for our bodies to function properly, yet many of us don’t drink enough water throughout the day. Dehydration can cause symptoms such as fatigue, headache, and dry skin, and it can also negatively impact our cognitive function and physical performance.

To stay hydrated, aim to drink at least 8 cups of water per day, and more if you are physically active or living in a hot or humid environment. You can also incorporate hydrating foods into your diet, such as fruits and vegetables with high water content, such as watermelon, cucumber, and cantaloupe.

Strength training is important for overall health, not just muscle building

While cardio is important for heart health and weight loss, strength training is just as important for overall health and well-being. Strength training helps to build and maintain muscle mass, which is crucial for maintaining a healthy metabolism and preventing age-related muscle loss.

In addition to its physical benefits, strength training has also been shown to improve mood, boost brain function, and reduce the risk of chronic diseases such as diabetes and osteoporosis. So don’t neglect the weights in your workout routine – aim to include strength training at least twice a week.

Stress management is key to maintaining good health

We all experience stress at some point in our lives, but chronic stress can have serious negative impacts on our health. Chronic stress has been linked to an increased risk of heart disease, depression, and a weakened immune system, among other issues.

To manage stress effectively, it’s important to find ways to relax and unwind, such as through mindfulness practices, exercise, or hobbies. It’s also important to practice good self-care, such as getting enough sleep, eating a healthy diet, and finding ways to manage your workload and prioritize self-care.

The gut microbiome is key to overall health

The gut microbiome refers to the community of bacteria and other microorganisms that live in our digestive system, and it plays a crucial role in our overall health. The gut microbiome has been linked to a range of health issues, including digestion, immune function, and mental health.

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To support a healthy gut microbiome, it’s important to eat a varied diet that includes fermented foods, such as yogurt and sauerkraut, and fiber-rich foods, such as fruits, vegetables, and whole grains. Avoiding processed and sugary foods, and taking probiotics, may also help to support a healthy gut microbiome.

There’s more to healthy eating than just counting calories

While calorie intake is important for maintaining a healthy weight, there’s more to healthy eating than just counting calories. The quality of the foods we eat is just as important as the quantity.

To eat a healthy diet, focus on incorporating a variety of nutrient-dense foods, such as fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and lean proteins. Avoiding processed and sugary foods, and limiting your intake of saturated and trans fats, can also help to improve your overall health.

In addition to the quality of the foods we eat, it’s also important to pay attention to portion sizes and make sure we are getting the right amount of nutrients for our individual needs. This can involve working with a registered dietitian or nutritionist to create a personalized meal plan that meets your specific health goals.

By focusing on both the quality and quantity of the foods we eat, and incorporating other healthy habits such as hydration, stress management, and strength training, we can optimize our health and well-being.


Maintaining good health involves more than just following the usual recommendations of eating a healthy diet and getting regular exercise. There are many lesser-known secrets to healthy living that can have a big impact on your overall well-being. From the importance of sleep and hydration to the role of the gut microbiome and the benefits of strength training, these tips can help you take your health to the next level.

By incorporating these secrets into your daily routine, you can improve your physical and mental health and live your best life.